About Naina

More and more people visit in-person clinics for eye exams, but purchase their frames online. Companies have done a good job of marketing their online frames for affordability and convenience, and people seem to think they’re saving money when they shop online; but at what cost? 

At NAINA, we believe your eyesight is irreplaceable.

That’s why we’re backed by eye care professionals who want the best for your eyes, and founded on the principle of high standards. We treat each and every customer the way we treat our own friends and family; delivering great value on frame and prescription technology, backed by real optometrists with years of experience.

When you buy from NAINA, you’re buying eyewear that has been hand selected for quality and style, further supported by pro

per prescriptions and eyesight care by in-clinic optometrists. Pick a pair that best fits your lifestyle and enjoy the peace of mind that your eyes are in good hands.